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raquel melo 2020

My name is Sara Bonixe, I am the founder and manager of Portugal By Food. I participated in the first edition of the Program Empreende Já in 2017, with the project of a coffee shop, which I converted, out of necessity, into an online project that would be transformed and refined since 2018 in the Portugal By Food marketplace. With a master's degree in Design held in Barcelona in 2013, a baggage of dreams and imagination that come since childhood and an E-commerce course held at IPAM in 2021, to bring to earth a little of my imagination, I created Portugal By Food that aims to be more than a marketplace. It wants to be the community of Portuguese producers who are dedicated to preparing the best products in each region of Portugal. Portugal By Food is dedicated to showing the work of these producers, their ideals and their products in an effort to increase the food produced nationally and the spread of a new collective awareness of consumption.

As Vincent van Gogh told “I dream of painting and then I paint my dream”. My dream is my manifesto, which follows:

  • We are a company that strives for unity and cooperation;
  • We value the human side instead of the company;
  • We promote tradition, innovation and creativity;
  • We believe that happiness is the best tool for productivity;
  • We cultivate a culture of gratitude;
  • We stand for what we believe in.


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