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  • 1. What is an incubator?

    It’s a place created to receive companies/projects, offering a structure and support in the first stages of the projects’ life. This space offers logistical and technical support, and aims to provide the best conditions for the entrepreneurs installed.

  • 2. My company has been in the market for more than 3 years, can I apply?

    You can apply for the Business Center.

  • 3. What are the advantages of having a company / project incubated at the StartUp Portimão?

    Access to various services and resources: Incubation | Training | Workshops | Mentoring | Networking | Acceleration Programs | Support Programs | Consulting.

  • 4. What are the values associated with physical incubation?

    Information available in the regulation here.

    Typology / Prices to apply:

    • Virtual Incubation: €30.00 + VAT Monthly
    • Physical Incubation in Cowork – 1 Workplace - 1st Year: €40.00 + VAT Monthly
    • Physical Incubation in Cowork – 1 Workplace - 2nd Year: €50.00 + VAT Monthly
    • Physical Incubation in Cowork – 1 Workplace - 3rd Year: €60.00 + VAT Monthly
    • Physical Incubation in Studio – 3-6 Jobs: 40,00€/workstation + VAT Monthly
    • “Hot-desk” incubation: €20.00 + VAT Weekly

    Project promoters aged between 16 and 30 have a 50% discount on the incubation fee.

  • 5. Which services are included?

    a. On-site permanent element to revitalize the incubator;
    b. Access to a telephone network for national numbers, with one telephone per room;
    c. Internet access;
    d. Use of meeting rooms, workshops and several events (prior appointment needed in some cases);
    e. Printer accessible on site with a card / code available for each company installed, which will be responsible for costs and direct payments to the company that owns the photocopier;
    f. Electricity and water;
    g. Support on the promotion of the company through the dissemination of products and services on the social networks of Startup Portimão;
    h. Participation in training / workshops that can be carried out at reduced costs or free of charge as defined by the managing and dynamizing companies;
    i. Cleaning of premises.

  • 6. What is virtual incubation?

    Entrepreneurs, companies or non-profit associations that wish to take advantage of the services offered in the Incubator, with the exception of occupying a workspace, as happens with the physical incubation.

  • 7. Does the application to the incubator have any costs?


  • 8. How can I apply?

    Fill out the registration form available on this website.

  • 9. What kind of projects / companies are admitted?

    In most of cases, any type of company / project with the objective of developing and marketing products or services with an innovative and high potential character, with preference for companies / projects in the areas of energy, mobility, tourism, governance and quality (companies with less than 3 years of activity).

  • 10. Is it necessary to have the company already created?

    No. The candidate can enter the incubator in his own name and only set up a company in a more advanced phase of the business, after support from the Incubator.

  • 11. After the application, how does the process proceed?

    Upon receipt of the application, a selection interview will be scheduled with management team members to evaluate the effective potential of the project.