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Networking Breakfast - How to adapt to change?

Cartaz 2020 10 22 Maria

Staying competitive in the business world, as in life, imposes a need to see adaptability as a competitive advantage.
In this session, he spoke about his student and professional career and exemplified how he has always managed to adapt to changes.
He said that in his work, with multicultural and multivariate teams, he always had to train adaptability to his strategies and business plans. He mentioned that adaptability is the fourth most sought after competence by companies. “It is necessary to focus on the benefits and advantages that the change brings us. It is necessary to create an environment in the company that provides prosperity ”said Maria. He concluded by saying that “organizational adaptability is the ability to break paradigms, change the vision and adjust the focus to new realities. We have to think with a broad spectrum, and not only in the company's focus ”.