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Workshop: How to approach an investor?

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In this workshop, we had Erik Brits, Mentor of StartUp Portimão, who spoke of how we can and should approach an investor, taking into account the different types of existing investors.
And what is the first step? Knowing the profile of a certain investor before approaching him can be a decisive factor for the success of this same approach, as it will allow us to shape our discourse to the expectations of the investor and consolidate a more fluid interaction between both.
And as a good preparation is not only at the level of speech, Erik Brits also told us about the essential elements to be taken into account for any investor: the financial plan and the business plan, the data regarding the client and the details of the team.
What, then, is the best way to approach an investor? As a way to close this workshop, Erik put the different scenarios and shared tips for each of them: be the investor to approach us, find an investor through previous investments or use a direct approach through our network of contacts.