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Networking Breakfast - Networking to accelerate your business

 With Henrique Monteiro Wadsworth, Conta Contosco project

In this session, Henrique Monteiro Wadsworth, will make the Conta Connosco project better known. In this conversation, we will talk about how you can get in touch with several volunteer professionals from the project, who can share their experiences in the most diverse areas. A great opportunity to expand your network of contacts and have a valuable help in the development of your business idea.

This project emerged in April 2020 from an idea and need felt in this pandemic moment that we live. It started with three volunteers and there are now more than 200, more than 150 companies from more than 15 countries. Conta Connosco has a very simple way of operation: from the website, just choose the area and sub-area of ​​interest that you are interested in and contact the volunteer directly via email.

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