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Tourism, Innovation and Sustainability

With Maria Loureiro de Lemos

Maria Loureiro de Lemos, Green Up Coordinator 2020/2021, on the 17th of November, spoke to us about Tourism, Innovation and Sustainability. When presenting the Tourism Strategy 2027 he mentioned that this document is the basis for
work for the future of tourism, as this sector is constantly changing.
It is a 10-year strategic framework (2017/2027) that identifies priorities and actions, and establishes public policies. It approached the 2023 Sustainable Tourism + Plan as a document with concrete actions, based on sustainability. The path of sustainability is based on the appropriate use of resources and I try to have future impacts at the economic and social level. This initiative also included the reference to the Green UP Program.
This program is promoted by the Creative Territories and Turismo de Portugal for those who have innovative ideas with B2B or B2C solutions with a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy and who value natural resources. Entrepreneurs with qualifications in the field of Tourism, whether from 12th grade, CTESP, Licenciatura or Master's degree, with ideas that offer innovative solutions can apply.

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